Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tip of the Week - Give to Your Favorite Charity, Donate Your Time or Help Other People Out

    During these tough economic times there are many people around the world who are suffering or having a hard time.  Sometimes people get sick and that puts them in a financial bind.  Even if you can't afford to give money you can give the gift of time.  You can help a local charity or even help a neighbor who is sick and needs help carrying in grocery bags or help cleaning their yard.  When times are rough it sometimes makes people feel better to do small things to help others out.  And someday when you need help hopefully others can help you out too.  At times I've heard people around me saying they get discouraged with the way they see society going around them; but if you take a small step to do something nice for someone else, it gives you new faith in the world around you.  There are many ways to help and if each one of us does something in our own way to make the world a better place, it will become a better place.  If you are feeling a little down, doing something nice for someone else, can help bring up your spirits.

    If you haven't had time yet you can read the article in this month's Coco Eco Magazine about Fran Drescher.  It is an inspiring article.  She became sick with cancer and instead of letting it get her down she decided to fight the disease and now she is helping others through her charity.  Right now through November 15, 2011 Coco Eco Magazine will donate 50% of all new subscriptions to Fran Drescher's movement "Cancer Schmancer".  I'm attaching a link to the article for those who would like to read her story.

Link to Fran Drescher article in Coco Eco Magazine:  Fran Drescher Trashes Cancer

September/October 2011 Issue through November 15, 2011 50% of all new subscriptions will be donated to Cancer Schmancer.

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