Thursday, September 22, 2011

Classic Beauty Blog Award

    With Fall almost upon us, I decided to give an award for some great beauty blogs I've seen lately. This award is to honor those who have written some good blogs about beauty products, inner beauty and showing their own beauty within their written words.  In some way each of these blogs made an impression on me and I want to share their sites through this award.  

    Here are the rules: Pass on this award up to 10 blogs you also love; link them in your post; let them know you awarded them. Here are my choices for the Best Classic Beauty blogs:

1.  Beauty Au Natural 
2. The Natural Beauty & Health Blog
3. All Care Tips 
4. Beauty Obsessed
5. Seven Things Beauty
6. Makeup Tips, Tricks & Tales
7. Beauty in New York City
8. Makeup by Janalyn
9. Primped & Painted
10. My Style

Congratulations and thanks for the interesting blogs!


ALL CARE TIPS-All About Care said...

thank you so much for posting my blog here

Michelle said...

You're welcome!

Healthy Living Natural Beauty - Michelle said...


Leza said...

My apologies for not saying this sooner, but thank you so much for awarding my blog Makeup Tips, Tricks and Tales the Classic Beauty Blog Award! :)

I will get back to writing more pieces shortly.

Healthy Living Natural Beauty - Michelle said...

Hi Leza, I'm glad you like the award! I like your site and hope to see more in the future!

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