Monday, February 25, 2013

Step It Up

   I took a holiday/winter break and now I'm currently working on the theme for this year's 30 day challenges.  Last year, the theme was to keep moving.  If you have been following along, I hope you have kept up with it during the holiday season.  The new theme this year is going to be "Step It Up".  I'll be starting up the new set of challenges March 1st.  So if you want to follow along, the goal for March is going to be making sure you get at least 7 hours of exercise into your routine per week.  Along with the 7 hours per week, I'm going to try to keep to a more strict healthy eating routine.  In the past I've only recorded healthy foods I've eaten but I still allowed myself to eat not so healthy treats and foods. For the March challenge, I'm going to try and keep it as healthy as possible.  I hope you will have fun following along.  Check back at the end of this week to start the beginning of the "Step It Up" challenge.

                                                       Source: via HealthyLivingNB on Pinterest

   I also have some wonderful guest posts to share with you.  I've received some good submissions and will be sharing some with you during March (and beyond) as well.  There are also some wonderful new products I have been given to sample and will be writing some posts about those as well.  There are some great healthy alternatives out there and I can't wait to share them with you.

  Keep up your exercising and ramp up for the new challenge!  These challenges will help us not only maintain health, but possibly reach some desired goals.  And they will give us more energy and stamina.

                                                          Source: via HealthyLivingNB on Pinterest

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