Monday, September 12, 2011

The Popsicle Facial From the Doctors

    Here is a recipe for a popsicle facial from the show The Doctors.  If you click the link below in the article  you can also view the video segment.  I haven't tried this yet, but I will give it a try.  It looks like it would feel good and taste good too.  If you have tried this one, let me know what you thought about this recipe.

Popsicle Facial
Reduce puffiness and signs of aging with The Doctors' Popsicle Facial!

Mix green tea with 16 oz cold water
Mix 8 oz of vitamin E oil
Mix 16 oz grapefruit juice (natural, not from concentrate)
Fill 2 ice cube trays and place in freezer Before cubes freeze completely, place tooth picks or popsicle sticks in each cube


Grapefruit juice contains acidic pulp, which will alleviate oily skin. It also contains vitamin C, which promotes healthy cell growth. Vitamin E oil contains antioxidants that prevent the effects of aging, and is high in alpha tocopherol, which can prevent sun damage and dryness.
• Green tea also contains antioxidants that eliminate free radicals from the skin and promote healthy pigmentation.

Here is the link to paste into your browser if you want to view the video without clicking the link.

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