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     I'm a housewife, an accountant, a consumer and a blogger who has been researching products and foods to try and find the most natural ingredients possible.  I believe what we put into and on our bodies has an effect on our total well being. Maybe, many of us have gotten into the mindset that if something is on the store shelves available without a prescription it's safe to use; I know I used to be that way.  Then I began taking the time to look at some of the ingredients listed on foods and products I used on a regular basis such as my family's choices in mouthwash and toothpaste.  Sometimes the ingredients looked like a long list with many words I couldn't pronounce or understand.  Then I thought to myself, "Why would you want to use ingredients you are not able to pronounce in or on your body without knowing what they are?" It isn't enough to take care of your body with plenty of rest and exercise.  To attain the best quality of life possible, consumers need to be more aware of the products they are using and foods they are eating each day.  

I want to share my findings with you:

      My belief is people can have a better quality of life if we have a good balance of eating the right foods, getting enough exercise and purchasing products we can feel good about using.  In this blog, I will share healthy recipes, healthy food choices, and exercise tips, along with beauty and health products that contain natural ingredients.  Even if we can’t eliminate all bad chemicals and ingredients from our daily lives, if we are more aware and conscious we can make better decisions. Even in our most busy times, we need to be active consumers!

     I will do some reviews of products I've tried and let you know my findings.  If I receive a sample for free, I'll let you know that as well.  I'll give you my honest opinion whether I've purchased a product myself, or if I've been given one to try out for free.   I try to do more reviews during the holiday season so you can have some ideas for gift giving.  But I will do reviews anytime I really want to tell you about something new and exciting like one of my more popular review posts about Tarte Lip Stains.  (They have more than 6 shades now and yes, I've purchased more colors).  

I like to promote companies that care about consumers (us):

      In my opinion, companies who care enough about their consumers to use natural ingredients and who care about our environment and local communities deserve to be discussed and promoted.  It’s good to have companies be aware that consumers want more, healthier alternatives.  We want better choices. Alternatively, it's good for consumers to know who the companies are out there that are Green, Eco-conscious, and active in charity work that helps local communities. I call them consumer and environmentally friendly companies. One of my favorite companies to follow is Yes To Carrots.  I also like to feature entrepreneurs, independent consultants or new companies that want to spread the word about their company.  I've featured some wonderful new companies like Wild Beauty and consultants like Cheryl Arnold who also sponsored a successful giveaway on HLNB.

     I will from time to time try to incorporate information from other countries as well.  It’s nice to learn about other cultures and it will be interesting to see what companies in other nations are doing for their consumers.  I’ve done a little research on companies in the UK and Canada and have seen some good websites from companies that have natural products.  It is good to see what natural product trends are around the world.  I’m also interested to see where American corporations are in comparison to other nations in regards to healthy alternatives.

HLNB is an interactive and fun experience for us:

    How many times have you felt like you just can't stick to an exercise or healthy eating routine?  We all have and that's why I've created my 30 day challenges.  They are a great way to have a group to keep up with and help keep you (and me) motivated.  Plus it's also FREE! You don't have to buy a CD, or pay a membership due, it's FREE!  If you leave comments it helps inspire others as well.  Having friends, even online friends can help you stay on track, and make you more likely to succeed with your personal healthy living goals.  I like showing that exercise doesn't have to be a set regimen, it doesn't have to be in front of a room filled with strangers, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune.  It can be fun!  You can do it while watching a favorite TV show, or mix things up and do a different routine.  There are many great tasting healthy food options as well. You don't have to grab a back of chips or sweets; you can get some healthy great tasting foods that can satisfy your sweet or salty cravings. You just have to be open to trying new foods options.

     Guest posts are also welcome on HLNB.  We have had several wonderful writers add some quality articles which you can read about on my Guest Post tab.  You can also find some helpful guidelines for submitting new guest post articles and have yours featured on the page as well. 

    I also want to have a fun side for Healthy Living Natural Beauty.  Natural alternatives can be a serious subject but it's good to have fun in life too.  That's why I've joined other blogs by adding a Fashion Friday post like the Premier of Titanic 3D in London post.  You can even find Eco-conscious alternatives in the world of fashion as well.  Suzy Amos Cameron was wearing an Eco-conscious dress at the Titanic premier!

I like to share Free Stuff with you:

    I’ll let you know when I see company specials and giveaways, or special events such as web casts and social media events from companies I write about.  You can get a free online subscription to Coco Eco Magazine a great online periodical that shows eco fashion, eco products and has some great celebrity stories and pictorials.   I hope you will enjoy my site and if you have any comments I’ll make sure to read them and try to respond as quickly as possible.   Thanks for stopping by Healthy Living Natural Beauty.

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