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    I received a sample of Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner to try from Influenster's VoxBox testing program.  My sample was the Total Care nourishing shampoo and Total Care nourishing daily conditioner.  I like that you only need a small amount of the product to clean your hair.  My hair is long and I only needed a nickle size amount of the shampoo.  I used a little bit more of the conditioner and used a comb to spread it through my wet hair. I left the conditioner on my hair for a few minutes before rinsing it out.   My hair felt soft and didn't get tangled while I was drying it. I used it for a few weeks and my hair color didn't seem to fade or wash out either which is a plus. I noticed that it does have Sodium Laurel Sulfate so if you are trying to use shampoos without it, you might want to pass on this one.  However, the scent is nice and clean and it didn't make my hair feel dry or show any signs of split ends.  I also wash my hair two to three times per week because I don't like over washing.  For me this worked well.  I personally like using shampoos without Sodium Laurel Sulfates and if they could make this formula without that ingredient I would be more likely to want to purchase it in the future.  I like the price and that you only need a small amount to get clean, soft and beautiful looking hair.

                                                                    Pictures courtesy of Influenster. com

    The concept of this line of hair care is that it works from the scalp rather than treating the ends of your hair.  There are six shampoos and five conditioners to choose from in this line which is infused with Nutrium 10 technology.  The Nutrium 10 is a blend of vitamins and nutrients for your hair.  Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy™  nourishes the scalp and creates the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair from root to tip.  Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy gives women stronger**, more beautiful hair in just 7 days.  You can visit their website to learn more about this great line of hair care at Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy.  You can buy Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy at mass retailers, select drugstores and supermarkets nationwide. The suggested retail price is $4.99 - $5.99.

Disclaimer:  This product was received complimentary through the VoxBox product testing program at Influenster.  All opinions expressed are my own.

**Disclaimer: Less breakage upon combing vs. non conditioning shampoo


Unknown said...

I'm sorry, but there is nothing clear, safe, or natural about these products. They are loaded with synthetic chemicals, many of them with serious health implications. Did you happen to research any of the ingredients? Here's a breakdown for you:

Sodium Laureth Sulfate - causes skin & eye irritaion, it's an ethoxylated compound so it's likely contaiminated with ethylene oxide, a known carcinogen and possible neurotoxins as well as 1,4 dioxane, also a known carcinogen, is harmful to marine life

Cocamidopropyl Betaine - synthetic chemical that can cause eye and skin irritation, is a likely skin allergen, is a known human immune system toxicant and there are concerns regarding nitrosamine contamination, which may cause cancer and is a suspected environmental toxin

Fragrance - typically made up of as many as several hundred synthetic chemicals, none of which the company has to disclose. Frequently includes pthalates, which are hormone disruptors

Dimethiconol & Dimethicone- silicone-based polymers that, while not toxic, doesn't biodegrade, so it NEVER goes away

DMDM Hydantoin - likely contaminated with formaldehyde, a known carinogen, it is also an irritant, a known human immune system toxicant, and is a human skin toxicant. It is restricted for use in cosmetics in Japan. It gets a 7 to 9 (depending on use) in Skin Deep’s Cosmetic Safety Database. It has also been known to trigger an immune response that can include burning, itching, blistering, or scaling of skin.

Citric Acid - usually comes from GMO sources

Laureth-23 - an ethoxylated compound likely contaminated with ethylene oxide & 1,4 dioxane, both known carcinogens

Laureth-4 - An ethoxylated compound likely contaminated with ethylene oxide and 1,4 dioxane, both known carcinogens

Tocopheryl Acetate - since it's not organic, it's likely GMO. Likely contaiminated with hydroquinone, which receives a 10 on the Skin Deep Database. Known human immune system toxicant, human skin toxicant (strong evidence), Limited evidence of immune system toxicity, strong evidence of human neurotoxicity, classified as a high human health priority in Canada, Classified as expected to be toxic or harmful in Canada, possible carcinogen, human nervous system toxicant, classified as a wildlife and environmental toxin in Europe.

PEG-9M - another ethoxylated compound, likely contaminated with the carcinogens ethylene oxide & 1,4 dioxane

Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil - likely GMO

Xanthan Gum - likely GMO

Methylisothiazolinone - Synthetic preservative. Extremely toxic to fish, some evidence it's allergenic and cytotoxic (dangerous to cells), may be neurotoxic. It's a known immune system toxicant, likely skin toxicant, chemically similar to Agent Orange. It's use is restricted in cosmetics in Europe, Canada and Japan, but not in the US.

Methylchloroisothiazolinone - Human skin toxicant, associated with allergic reactions, known human immune system toxicant

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract - nontoxic itself, but usually preserved with parabens, even when it says 'paraben-free'

Bismuth Oxychloride - can remain in the kidney for years in people because the body can't filter is out fast or efficiently enough. Bismuth poisoning exists and mostly affects the kidney and liver. Skin and respiratory irritation can also follow exposure to respective organs.

REd-33 - D&C Red 33 is a synthetic dye produced from petroleum or coal tar sources

So, as you can see, for someone concerned about ingredients in her beauty products, there is a lot more to worry about than just the Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

Healthy Living Natural Beauty - Michelle said...

Hello Unknown,

I don't think they are claiming to be a natural and organic product. I do agree the SLS is a concern for me personally and that's why I would not purchase it for myself as I stated in my review. If they do want to make a natural product maybe your statements can help convince them as well as mine and others like us. I too like more natural and organic ingredients as well.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting today.


Unknown said...

No, they didn't claim to be natural. But, by stating that you prefer natural and organic products, and then only mentioning Sodium Laureth Sulfate, as if it were the only unnatural and harmful ingredient then you regurgitated all their marketing info you essentially said it was, making it seem much more natural and safe than it actually is.

I was pointing out that for someone who claims to prefer natural and organic products, this one shouldn't even be on the radar. It's terrible stuff, and your readers, who are coming to you for advice on natural and organic products want to and deserve to know this.

Healthy Living Natural Beauty - Michelle said...

Hello Unknown,

I'm sorry you perceived it that way. I was given this product to test as a sample, which I did. The product does what they say it will do, which I verified by testing it myself. True change can only happen if everyone involved is willing to hear and be heard. It can't be one sided and closed or no one wins. If someone is unwilling to try anything unless it's on their own terms, they will be very lonely on those discussions. I think many of the major corporations are actually listening to what consumers want. Maybe the changes aren't happening fast enough, but if we give our honest opinions, I think they will listen to us. And if each person makes their stand (like not buying soaps with SLS which is my stand) that also helps companies know what consumers want and don't want. The companies that don't respond to consumer needs, probably won't stay in business very long because the consumers want changes toward better ingredients, which necessitates the need for change. If consumers just stopped buying everything right now, our whole economy would tank which would have tremendous impact on us all. So change will happen, but we all have to be willing to hear and be heard and also have the patience to let the changes happen. Because they will, people want the change and companies will change to meet peoples wants and needs. I think discussing it is always a good thing and makes more people aware so thanks for your comments. It is a good discussion and I'm glad you are a very aware consumer.

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