Tuesday, May 24 · 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Veria Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/veriawellness

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We are really excited to announce that Ann Gentry, host of the Naturally Delicious show on Veria, will be taking control of the Veria Facebook Page for one hour on the 24th May at 4pm ET.

Ann is also the founder and CEO of Real Food Daily, LA's premiere organic vegan restaurant with locations in Santa Monica and West Hollywood. She is author of Vegan Family Meals, real food for everyone and The Real Food Daily Cookbook.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask Ann your healthy cooking questions. Just post your question up on the Wall of the Veria Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/veriawellness during the Take Over hour, and Ann will do her best to answer you personally in the comments section below your post.

So, get your thinking caps on and drop by at 4pm ET on the 24th to have your question answered.