Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Recipe for Easy, Tasty Homemade Bruschetta

Made with ingredients from our garden.
    We make our own Bruschetta to eat at home and it's very tasty.  This time of year we use tomatoes from our own garden and our own fresh basil and garlic.  To make this one you need some French bread which you can have sliced at some grocery stores in the bakery department.  It's easier than having to try and cut even slices at home.  First, you will need to chop up one medium size tomato into a bowl.  Then add a tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Next, add a small cap full (or teaspoon) of white vinegar.  Chop up some fresh basil leaves and add to the bowl (if fresh basil is out of season you can add dried basil as a substitute).  Then, with a garlic press add one small garlic clove.  I like to add a little sea salt and some pepper to taste.  Next, place the sliced bread under the broiler in the oven and let the bread brown.  You will need to keep an eye on this because it can brown quickly and burn so you want to take the slices out of the oven soon after they become golden brown.  Lastly, put the tomato mixture on the bread and eat it with your meal (it's great with pasta dishes) or as an appetizer.  It tastes great when you make it at home and you can add any seasonings or ingredients to make different variations for you and your family. It's much cheaper to make at home then to buy at a restaurant.  I hope you will enjoy this recipe!

Fresh homemade Bruschetta!

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