Friday, January 27, 2012

Fashion Friday - Necklaces

      Do you wear necklaces?  Have you worn them only on special occasions or do you love them and wear them whenever you can?  Either way there are so many wonderful styles out there to choose from when shopping around.  Some of our favorite celebs wear necklaces and we can get ideas from them when and how we can wear them as well.  Tonight I'm posting pictures of some our favorites and their necklace style choices.  Which style best fits your fashion sense?  Or which one would you like to emulate?  I normally wear them on special occasions but now I might have some new and wonderful ideas on how to wear them in a more casual setting.  Watch out pocketbook!

       Reese Witherspoon wearing a long necklace with a black top.  This looks great for a casual afternoon out shopping.

                     Angelina Jolie wore this lovely necklace in the movie The Tourist with Johnny Depp.

       Jennifer Lopez is always into fashion, here she wore a beautiful bib necklace and it looked great on her.

                 Taylor Swift wears a keychain necklace with a casual summer dress and some wristbands.

            Justin Bieber's gal pal Selena Gomez looks so adorable with her necklace and black turtleneck top.

                               Katherine Heigl's strands of pearls look great with her little black dress.

    We all know Carrie Bradshaw had her famous Carrie necklace, but Sarah Jessica Parker wears them too and she has such great style.

                       Lauren Alaina wears a leather necklace in her debut video with a casual look.

                Beyonce also has great style and she wears necklaces as a summer fashion accessory.

                                                                          Pictures courtesy of Pinterest.

    Whether you wear them casually or for a special night out, necklaces can be a great fashion accessory to have in your jewelery box.   They can be small or large or layered and always look fabulous.  I'm linking up with Kori from Blonde Episodes for Fashion Friday.  Click on the button below to read Kori's post and to join up too!  Happy Fashion Friday!

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