Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bizarre Beauty Trends - Snake Venom and More

    This morning on Good Morning America I saw a story about Bizarre Beauty Trends and one of the trends they talked about was Snake Venom Serum.  It isn't really made from venom, but it is supposed to have the same effect.  It paralyzes muscles in the face much like Botox but without having injections and it covers the entire face.  It is supposed to be the secret to the stars. Another secret to the stars is using human placenta on their skin.  This one really is made from human placenta that is very costly, about $500 or more.  Lastly, another bizarre trend is using ice chambers. If you stay in the chamber for 3 minutes it will stimulate collagen production, plump out wrinkles and boost your metabolism.  The temperature gets down to -300 degrees Fahrenheit or -176 degrees Celsius.  They didn't name any of the stars who use these beauty trends but it makes you wonder who of our favorites could be using these bizarre treatments.  Would you consider using any of these treatments?  I might use the Snake Venom Serum but I'm not one to try human placenta on my face nor would I like being that cold not even for 3 minutes!

                                        I wonder if Angelina Jolie could be using Snake Venom?

                                  Could Demi Moore be using human placenta facial cream?

  Is it possible Reese Witherspoon could be jumping into an ice chamber before walking the red carpet?

                                                                   Pictures courtesy of Pinterest.

                                               Whatever they are doing, they all look great!

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