Saturday, November 12, 2011

Get a Beautiful Glow Without a Big Mess - By My Beauty Bunny

    Here is a great review of a cruelty free product from the blog "My Beauty Bunny".  Abi Mogge gives us a great description of this product and I personally can't wait to try it out.  I know what she means by the feel of your tub after using some bath products.  It sounds like this product takes away that slippery bath problem.  Click on the button below to read her complete review. While you are there, check out the rest of the site.  It's a great one with so much information and they focus on cruelty free products that are not tested on animals.

                                                                        Click below to view the post.

    Or if you prefer, here is the link to paste into your browser:

    If you have a chance check out Fashion Bloggers Daily News below, they have featured our post from "Fashion Friday - What Were Celebs Wearing at the 45th Annual CMA Awards" in their paper this week!

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