Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tip of the Week - Exercise Your Abs For Core Strength

    This week I'm attaching a video from Self Magazine that shows us some good exercises for our abdominal muscles.  Since I'm working on building muscles and strengthening my core I thought this would be a good video for us this week.  I'm going to try to incorporate this into the 30 day challenge.  If you are following along, this might be a good video to incorporate into your exercise routine this month.  These exercises seem like they might be difficult at first; but if we can do them this month maybe we can master them by the end of the HLNB Exercise and Core Strength Challenge.  I'll give it a try and see if it's one I think I can continue on a regular basis.  At the end of the video they say you only need to commit to five minutes of these exercises each day to get flat abs.  Even though they are showing us many exercises we don't have to do them all each day, we just have to commit to five minutes a day.  Are you up for this challenge?

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