Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Were Celebs Wearing at the American Music Awards Tonight?

    Here are some more red carpet fashions for the American Music Awards.  The styles are much more laid back.  Who do you think had the best style of the night?

                             Katy Perry with her pink hair in a strapless gown and baby blue open toe shoes.

                                        Julie Bowen in a metallic striped mini dress with black open toe shoes.

                                             Jennifer Hudson looking good in a shiny silver mini dress.

     Alanis Morissette looking more conservative in a black dress with a gold clutch purse and heals with red straps.

                             Jenny McCarthy in a purple Victoria Beckham mini dress and black mini boots.

                                             Taylor Swift in a conservative strapless gold gown.

                                Selena Gomez looking great in a gold Armani gown and matching purse.

                                           Justin Bieber escorted Selena as he wore a tuxedo to the event.

     Heidi Klum was wearing a cutout silver dress with black open toe shoes. Her hair got a little wet, but she always looks good no matter what the weather.

                                                      All pictures courtesy of Pinterest.

What do you think about the fashion tonight? Who had the best fashion of the night? Who had the worst? I think Selena Gomez and Julie Bowen had the best dresses of the night.  Justin, should have worn another jacket, I don't think the tuxedo look worked for him tonight. With the American Music Awards the fashion can range from glamorous to casual and can be as unique as the individuals.  Katy Perry had a very unique look tonight.  Hope you enjoyed this look at fashion from the red carpet of the AMA's!

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