Saturday, December 10, 2011

Product Review - Hairdo Bangs by Ken Paves

                                                              Jessica Simpson wearing Hairdo Bangs.
                                                                    Picture courtesy of Ken Paves website.

    Ken Paves creates hair extensions that you can put into your own hair to add volume, create a new style or or even try a new hair color if you like. I have tried the bangs in my own hair color (dark reddish brown) and it really looks like your own hair.  You can put the bangs back further if you like a shorter looking bang, or you can have them trimmed the way you would want them to look by your own hair stylist.  They come with a little bit longer portions on the side to blend in with your own natural hair.  If you already have bangs, it can make them look thicker, but if you don't have bangs and would like to try them without having to cut your own hair, this extension is a great one to try.   These bangs have combs that clip into your own hair very easily.  If you get other extensions in the collection you can basically create your own new styles.  There are also full pieces to try if you wanted to see what you would look like with a completely different style or completely different color without actually committing to it with your own hair.  There are also many colors to choose from in this collection.  I can see how some of these extensions could be great if you wanted to make your hair look better on short notice, or if you didn't have time to color your hair, but needed to cover some roots before your next touch up. It could be a great way to make sure you always have pretty hair whenever you need it to look great.  The price of the bangs is pretty reasonable (about $25) and something that could be fun to have and style as you would like them to look.  One other thing I liked about the bangs is that the colors have blended tones, not just one solid color.  This makes them blend into whatever highlights, or tones you might have in your own hair. I saw another piece in his collection called a bump up hair extension for the back of your head that could give you more volume in the crown of your hair.  You could really create some fun styles with that piece.  Some of the other extensions come with headbands and you can also wash them, curl them and style them just like your own hair without damaging the product.

    If you are thinking of more gift ideas, this could be a fun one to get for someone who likes styling their hair, and coordinating their hair, makeup and clothes.  Or you could give this one as a gift to yourself!  It's fun and easy to use and available for a reasonable price (approximately $25). You can order them direct from Ken Paves' website, on (Item #A-92049), on, or you can also purchase them from Ulta stores directly.  Ulta stores online has a couple of hair extensions by Ken Paves but they currently do not have the bangs available.

    I'm attaching a video demonstration from Ken Paves' website of how easily the bangs can be added into your own hair.  You can also see the transformation of the model who originally didn't have any bangs.

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