Monday, December 5, 2011

HLNB Exercise & Core Strength Challenge II - Day 4

December 4th Day 4:  Yesterday I rode my stationary bike while watching the show "Pan Am" with the following stats:

Time on the bike: 62 minutes and 09 seconds
Distance: 12.14 miles
Speed:  between 11.5 and 12.5 mph
Total Calories burned: 301.20
Total Fat Calories burned:  94.10

    I ate a salad, drank 100% juices with all my meals.  I also had some soup with spinach, basil and scallions. Note, I am eating more than this during the day, I'm just logging the vegetables, fruits and fibers.

   Ashley Greene (from the Twilight movies) made a guest appearance on Pan Am last night and it looks like it might become a recurring role.  At least for a few episodes.

     Maggie (Christina Ricci) met a senator who has some strong views that are different than hers, and she began work to change his mind. 

                                                       Pictures courtesy of and Pinterest.

     I earned 4 points for my stationary bike work above in the HBBC challenge.

     See my contact information on the tabs above if you want to send me an email with any questions or suggestions.  With my "Exercise and Core Strength Challenge" I'm logging my daily activities of how I keep moving.  I'm not offering any medical advice or making any guarantees.  This is meant for fun and if you want to follow along I hope it will be fun for you too.

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