Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Adore Me - Fun, Personalized Lingerie Shopping

    A few weeks ago I wrote a post about an exciting new company called Adore Me for Cyber Monday online shopping.  I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary ensemble to review for you today.  Using the Adore Me website was so easy.  I was able to create my own personal account and take the fun style quiz within five minutes.  The quiz was fun and produced several wonderful styles for me to choose from that really did fit my personality and tastes.  I was able to browse through my selections and able to get more details than if I were in a store at the mall because it was all available by clicking on each style.  If I were in a store I might not feel comfortable asking questions about every item I was interested in purchasing.  But online, I could view all the details which made it convenient and gave me confidence in placing my first order.  On the site I was able to see which stylist chose each ensemble and she also described how I should wear the outfit. There were also other picture views of the outfits so I could see how they looked from other angles.  I noticed there is a toll free number at the bottom of the website to call for assistance, or questions.  There is also the option of emailing any questions or comments as well through the contacts page.  So far I haven't had to use them, but I would be comfortable using both options.  Placing my order was so easy and quick.  I ended up selecting the outfit called "Courtney" because it was black with hot pink ribbons which have the "essence of a vampire inspired look" per my stylist Stephanie.  With the premier of Breaking Dawn last month, I thought this outfit was a fun way to bring some of  Bella's character to my own wardrobe.  This is a very feminine and adorable outfit with flirty, pink laced skirt detailing.   I received my order very fast, within 5 days of placing it online.  The package was delivered in a discrete outer wrap.  When I opened the package my outfit came in a cute, white box with the name Adore Me on it and was wrapped in beautiful light and dark pink tissue paper. There was also a nice card inside welcoming me as a new member of the Adore Me lingerie society.   

                                  The lovely box, card and wrapping made opening my order very exciting. 

                              I ordered Courtney which was one of the selections in my personal showroom. 

    I noticed for the month of December there is a new, cute "Santa Baby" baby doll outfit that comes with stockings included.  I can't wait to see the new styles Adore Me will be coming up with each month! At the flat rate of $39.95 per item and free shipping, free exchanges, and an easy return policy you really can't go wrong.  This could be the best new way of purchasing intimates (bras, panties, stockings, baby dolls and slips) and being able to balance your budget easier knowing exactly what each item will cost when you make a purchase.   If you choose not to make a purchase during a month you can let Adore Me know by the 5th of the month and you will not be charged.  If you forget to skip by the 5th you can receive a credit that will last for up to 12 months.  Give it a try, you will have fun taking the quiz and viewing the beautiful styles. You can always retake the quiz at any time in case your tastes change.  Have fun with it, it's like having your own personal stylist. Come join the Adore Me lingerie society!

                                                  Santa Baby a new selection for December.


                                       Santa Baby picture courtesy of Adore Me, other pictures copyright belongs to Healthy Living Natural Beauty.

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