Friday, December 16, 2011

Fashion Friday - Clutch Purses


    With the holidays coming we are all working to accessorize our holiday party outfits.  One thing that makes going to company Christmas parties or the New Year's Eve parties easier is a simple, easy to hold clutch purse.  They can carry your essentials for the night such as your small mirror, lipstick and lip gloss and maybe a small blush compact.  They also come in so many cute styles and colors it makes matching them with your outfits so easy.  Clutch purses never go out of style.  You can always use a clutch purse every season, every year and they will still be fashionable to carry around.  Some of our favorite celebs know the power of a great clutch purse.  Here are some pictures to help you get ideas for your holiday parties this year.   Which style is your favorite?  Or do you like having several on hand to suit  your mood?

                                    Shannen Doherty at an event with a black over sized clutch purse.

           Sandra Bullock at the 2009 Golden Globes awards show with a sky blue clutch purse.

                           Drew Barrymore with a matching peach clutch with a blue latch on top.

     Lucy Liu always looks so neat and sophisticated.  At an event in New Year this year she had a two toned, box clutch that matched her dress.

       Cameron Diaz carried a peach and gold clutch purse with her to the Teen Choice awards this year.

               Do you remember Angelina Jolie's gold clutch purse that was handcuffed to her wrist?

                                       Rihanna with a cute blue leopard print Dolce & Gabbana Miss Martini Clutch.

                                              Ashley Greene with a matching black clutch purse. 

                                                                       Pictures courtesy of Pinterest.

    Today I'm linking up with Blonde Episodes for Fashion Friday.  See Kori's post by clicking on the button below for details on joining if you want to link up too.  Check out some of the other fashion posts in the link too while you are there! Happy Fashion Friday!


Shabbychicdiva said...

I'm in love with these kind of purses! Oh my, I love that first pink one! SOOOO pretty!!! Happy Weekend!! Winona

Healthy Living Natural Beauty - Michelle said...

Thanks Winona! I love that pink D&G clutch too! Happy Weekend to you too!

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