Friday, October 7, 2011

HLNB Healthy Eating/Keep Moving Challenge - Day 5

October 6th Day 5:   Yesterday I didn't get as much exercise but did walk around with errands today.  The weather has cooled down quite a bit outside so I might have to start transitioning my exercise routines to be more indoor related.

    For breakfast I ate my regular bowl of oatmeal with strawberries and drank a glass of orange juice.  My lunch meal was a little different, I had minestrone soup with a garden salad. I drank water with lemon with my meal.  At dinner we again opted for two shrimp tacos each with our homemade pico de gallo and I added a little bit of cheese to mine.  I drank orange juice mixed with 100% cranberry juice with dinner. For an an afternoon snack I ate pumpkin seeds.  I also ate a small piece of mint chocolate.

    See my contact information on the tabs above if you want to send me an email with any questions or suggestions.  With my "Healthy Eating/Keep Moving Challenge" I'm logging my daily activities of how I keep moving and how I'm eating.  I'm not offering any medical advice or making any guarantees.  This is meant for fun and if you want to follow along I hope it will be fun for you too.

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