Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Best Workout for Your Butt Type

    There are some workouts that are specific to your particular butt shape.  Below I have links to slide shows for three different derriere shapes.  If you know your type, you can view the slide show for your match.  These exercises are from Self Magazine.  The details give you a workout guide and how many reps you should do from the exercises shown three times per week.  If you aren't sure which type you have you can read the first link which describes the different derriere  types and talks about Pete McCall, an exercise physiologist, who created the workout. If you find an online buddy, maybe you can do your workouts together and help keep the routine going.  Exercise can help you stay in shape and add to your own natural beauty. As with any new exercise routine, see your doctor to make sure you will not have any adverse affects from a new workout  routine.

Click here to read the introduction page to the exercises:  Introduction

For the details of your tush type select the link below. Hope you will enjoy the workout!

Click here to view the details for:  Flat Butt Workout

Click here to view the details for:  Droopy Butt Workout

Click here to view the details for:  Ample Butt Workout

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