Friday, October 21, 2011

Fashion Friday - Watches

    One item you can't do without in any season is a watch.  You can get different watches to match your outfits, or you can get more practical watches to tell the time.  No matter what reason you have a watch, they can be a great fashion accessory.  I personally can't afford some of the watches I picked out today, but if price was not an issue, some of these watches would be so fun to have!  I could easily match some of these up with different moods and outfits and still know what time it is when I'm out and about.  Hope you will enjoy today's look at my Fashion Friday pick, watches.

    This Fendi watch also comes with all diamonds or you can choose all pink stones, or all blue stones to surround your clock. They look so lovely, why not choose them all? I know I could match them with anything couldn't you?

    This blue Dolce and Gabbana watch would be so fun and I love the roman numerals don't you?

    This is an interesting bracelet watch.  You could wear this one to a holiday party, but you'd probably have to hunt for the clock to see the time.

    This watch is from Neiman Marcus and I liked the pink color and the crown at noon/midnight. It's a true princess watch and would probably make you feel like one whenever you wear it out.

    This is another watch from Neiman Marcus.  This one is very elegant and is something you could wear with more casual outfits and outings.

    This last watch is also from Neiman Marcus and has pink with chocolate brown tones, a good combination and something you could easily match with fall wardrobes. 

                                                          All pictures courtesy of Pinterest

    If you'd like to join the Fashion Friday blog hop click on the picture below to go to Kori's website, Blonde Episodes for details on how to sign up and you can read her fashion pick for today as well.  I hope you enjoyed my fashion pick today, have a great weekend!


Kori Donahue said...

Great post honey! I love the Fendi watch. Thanks for linking up today doll. Have a great weekend. Kori xoxo

Michelle said...

Thanks Kori! I loved your post today, those shoes as so cute. You have a good weekend too!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOh....That Fendi watch is sooo meeeeeee!!!! Love how there is just a touch of color. XOXOXOX Thanks for the post.


Michelle said...

Hi Elizabeth! I have to admit my favorite was the Fendi watch. I didn't post the picture but they had the same style with pink stones and a diamond at noon/midnight and one with light blue stones and a diamond at noon/midnight. Fendi makes a great watch!

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