Wednesday, October 5, 2011

HLNB Healthy Eating/Keep Moving Challenge - Day 3

October 4th Day 3:   Yesterday I worked in my yard with my dog for 1 hour.  I also went to a concert in the evening and walked around and also stood up and danced during the show.  It was a 3 hour concert so we were able to move around for most of our time there. I enjoyed the concert as it was one of my favorite groups Duran Duran and they put on a great show!

    In the morning I ate another bowl of oatmeal with raspberries and a glass of orange juice.  For a late morning snack I ate some more pumpkin seeds.  At lunch I made a tuna sandwich on 100% whole grain wheat bread and drank a glass of V-8 fruit juice.  For dinner we made shrimp tacos with my homemade pico de gallo (the recipe from my post on March 12, 2011) and I added a little bit of cheese to  mine.  We had two shrimp tacos each and drank a glass of V-8 fruit juice.  At the concert we shared a pretzel.  I also drank water throughout the day.

Duran Duran singing "The Reflex" in concert.  Great show!

well, hello there #nickrhodes! #duranlive on Twitpic
Nick Rhodes

@duranduran tour kick off tonight in Seattle! #DDLive on Twitpic
John Taylor 


    See my contact information on the tabs above if you want to send me an email with any questions or suggestions.  With my "Healthy Eating/Keep Moving Challenge" I'm logging my daily activities of how I keep moving and how I'm eating.  I'm not offering any medical advice or making any guarantees.  This is meant for fun and if you want to follow along I hope it will be fun for you too.

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