Monday, February 27, 2012

What Celebs Wore to the Oscars 2012

    One of the biggest nights in awards season was last night at the Academy Awards.  Were you watching your favorites walk the red carpet?  If you happened to miss any, I've posted some of my favorites of the night below.  Who was your favorite?   Did you expect to see Angelina's dress? Or was her pose more interesting?  Not sure if she practiced that or not, but she sure has everyone talking about it today!  So that seems like a great place to start...

    Angelina Jolie wore a beautiful black gown with open toe matching shoes.  She took this pose to the stage last night and the guys were copying her pose!  Hmmm, not sure she needed to do that, but everyone sure is talking about that pose today.  I'll bet they'll be talking about it next year too wondering what she will do then. What do you think?

             Cameron Diaz looked great in this strapless Gucci gown with a matching clutch purse.  The necklace was also a great accessory. 

    Emma Stone wore a beautiful red gown with a bow at the neck.  This kind of reminds me of one of my favorite dresses Nicole Kidman wore (Best Oscar Fashions From the Past) with the bow at the neck.

        Michelle Williams wore this pretty red , strapless Louis Vuitton gown with a cute pink clutch purse and a necklace that matched the silver bow at the waist.  I wanted to show the other view of her dress to show the train and the contrasting back as well. 

               Tina Fey wore a dark blue, strapless gown with a matching black clutch purse.  This dress makes her look so tall and slender. 

    Jennifer Lopez looked great, as she always does!  This was a very fashionable gown with a matching silver, cube clutch purse.  I also liked her matching earrings. 

    Penelope Cruz wore this beautiful off the shoulder slate blue, gown.  I have to say this might have been my favorite look of the evening.  I think she looks like a classic actress with the matching blue clutch purse, the matching necklace, bracelet and earring set just completes her look.  Very well done!

    Sandra Bullock wore a black and white gown with wreath detailing.  In one of her interviews she turned around and the gown was a low scoop back.  She always looks so nice.  I noticed she has matching black fingernail polish as well!

    Natalie Portman wore a red, vintage Dior strapless gown with a black clutch purse and I just loved her necklace.  She also has the black fingernail polish!

    Octavia Spencer won Best Supporting Actress for The Help and she looked so glamorous in this white gown with silver accents and matching silver clutch purse.  I love her ring and I loved her acceptance speech. 

    I had to include this last picture of Judy Greer because I love her movies and I also love the new slender dresses.  This is the first gown I've seen on red carpets that kind of remind me of the slender dress trend with the contrasting colors that are so flattering to the figure. She looks great!

    I'd like to end this post with our two favorite red carpet couples.  Hope you enjoyed my favorite fashion picks for the red carpet of the Academy Awards 2012.

                                                                      Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

                                                                George Clooney and Stacy Keibler

                                                                           All pictures courtesy of Pinterest.

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