Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Linky Tool Follower Blog Hop

    Many bloggers are already aware that as of next month not everyone will be able to follow other blogs via Google Friend Connect.  There is now a new tool from Linky Tools that will allow us to have followers who can't follow via GFC.  It's a great new tool and it's FREE to join.  There are already many bloggers using this new follow tool.  You can add your blog too and gain many new followers by joining this blog hop.

To join:

1.  Sign up or already have the Linky Follower Tools on your blog.

2.  Follow the person who has the hop on their site as a Thank You leave them a note so they can follow you back.

3.  Add your blog to the hop.  If you post on your site, you'll gain many new followers see #2!

4.  Grab the blog hop code to add to a post on your site.

5.  Follow as many others in the hop as you can and leave them a note so they can follow you back.


Tera Leigh said...

Thank you for visiting my site! Returning the Linky follow!

Healthy Living Natural Beauty - Michelle said...

Thanks Tera!

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