Saturday, February 25, 2012

Post from the Blog "One Last Glimpse" : Julie Anne: A Thank You

   Below is a great post written about Julie Anne Rhodes website and blog with the Personal Chef Approach. If you are looking for healthy recipes for your family and friends, check out her site.  You can sign up for a free registration and browse around the site.  There is also an option to become a premium user to gain access to some great recipes.  For those of you who are familiar with my favorite band Duran Duran, you may know that Julie Anne used to be married to Nick Rhodes.  This post (below) by Kendra from the blog "One Last Glimpse" gives you a preview of what a wonderful site Julie Anne Rhodes has with the Personal Chef Approach.

One Last Glimpse: Julie Anne: A Thank You: I've been aware of, and known the name: Julie Anne Rhodes for more than half of my life. As an impressionable teenager; of course growing up...

                                         Click the picture below to read more about Julie Anne Rhodes. 

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