Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tip of the Week - How to do French and Dutch Braids on Your Own

                                                Dutch Braid                                    French Braid

                                                                           Pictures courtesy of Pinterest.

    Last week I posted a video on how to do a French Braid.  I was asked by a few people how you do them on your own and not have someone else doing them for you.  I found a good video showing how you can do them solo.  This video also shows how to do a Dutch Braid which is the exact opposite of a French Braid.  Instead of braiding the strands over each other, you braid them under each other.  I've worn Dutch Braids too and they are also wonderful.  It looks like a braid that is attached to your head.  Both are easy to do and both look great if you want to do something different with your hair.  I learned how to do them solo by watching myself in the mirror and getting a feel for the strands getting thicker as you go.  If you practice you will find it is really easy once you get the feel of the strands and your hand positions.  This video shows in good detail how to do these braids.

Note: You can turn off my blog music on the right hand side with the mini Ipod before watching the video.


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