Monday, March 5, 2012

Tip of the Week - Personal Care and Beauty Brigade® | TerraCycle

    This week's Tip of the Week is about a website you can utilize to recycle your personal care and beauty product packages.  The Personal Care and Beauty Brigade® | TerraCycle  website can be used by your school, church or even work to collect and send in shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles and several other personal care and beauty product containers that can be recycled into some great new products.  You can also help some local charitable organizations as well in this effort to recycle.  Plus when you turn in your empty mascara tubes, mirror compacts and lipstick tubes you are keeping them from ending up in landfills and you can feel good knowing you are making a difference with this simple action.  The company accepts boxes of empty  containers and they allow you to print out a prepaid mailing label.  All you need to do is drop the box off at a local UPS store for delivery.  What could be easier than that?  We all love our beauty products and now we can make sure we are recycling them in a responsible way and we can help organizations that really need it as well.   All beauty buddies unite and recycle for a brighter future!

                                                             Pictures courtesy of Garnier and Terracycle.

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