Saturday, March 3, 2012

HLNB Spring Challenge I - Day 1

March 2nd Day 1Yesterday I walked 1 mile.  Congratulations on completing the last challenge!  Yesterday I started a new challenge that I'm calling the HLNB Spring Challenge.  The goal here is to keep moving and maybe step it up a bit.  With the warmer weather coming, it might be nice to not only be healthy but also be in better shape for those summer bathing suits.  I hope you are in for the Spring Challenge!

    I ate some strawberries, drank an 8 oz smoothie, at some steamed broccoli, ate a veggie burger and drank 100% fruit juices with 2 meals and water with lemon for dinner.  I also ate my veggie burger on whole grain bread.

                                                        Pictures courtesy of Pinterest.

      See my contact information on the tabs above if you want to send me an email with any questions or suggestions.  With my "HLNB Challenge" I'm logging my daily activities of how I keep moving.  I'm not offering any medical advice or making any guarantees.  This is meant for fun and if you want to follow along I hope it will be fun and encouraging  for you too.

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