Friday, March 2, 2012

Fashion Friday - Swimsuits

    Winter has lasted long enough!  I can't wait for the warm weather and some fun clothes we can wear.  Shabby Apple has their swimsuit line out and I wanted to post some of my favorites from their collection.  I can't wait for swimsuit weather. How about you?

                                                                Crab Island Bikini

                       I like this one because it looks almost vintage in style and is so pretty with the floppy hat.


         I love the color on this one, however, it does come in different color options. I also love the pretty bow in front it is so feminine.

                                                                           Astra (in Plum and Taupe sash)

    I like this one because it is a basic style suit but I love that is has a one with stripes. I think the sash offsetting the color of the suit is also a nice touch. It is a flattering style. 

                                                Venezia (in Red and White stripes and Black sash)

                      I love the stripes on this style.  How fun it would be to have it all the colors!

                                                          Ondina (Navy with White sash)

            This version of the suit is more nautical looking and would be perfect for a summer day on a boat.

                                                              Baudin Beach Halter

             I like a black suit because it is automatically slimming.  But I also like this because it's a halter that can be worn to look like a full swimsuit or a two piece.

                                                                    Mermaid Beach Halter

    You can see the two piece style of the halter and in the pink you can see the rosette design as well.

                                                          Eclipse Island Bikini

        I like this one because it almost looks like a tuxedo swimsuit.  I love the contrasting black and white and that it is a long top two piece suit.

                                                                  Pictures courtesy of Shabby Apple.

    I hope you have enjoyed my early look at swimsuits.  Even if we aren't quite ready yet for them, it's nice to have something to dream about in this cold weather! Today I'm linking up with Kori from Blonde Episodes for Fashion Friday.  Click the button below to add your fashion post and to read Kori's post.  Hope to see you there. Happy Fashion Friday!

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