Friday, March 30, 2012

The Hunger Games Premier Fashions

    Another good movie that has been premiering worldwide  is "The Hunger Games".  I haven't seen this one yet, but it is on my list.  In the meantime, I wanted to show some of the great fashions that have been worn to some of "The Hunger Games" premiers.  Today it's double Fashion Friday today!

                            Jennifer Lawrence wore a beautiful, gold Prabal Gurung gown to the LA premier.

     Miley Cyrus wore an Emilio Pucci ensemble and Liam Hemsworth was wearing Dolce & Gabbana at the LA premier.

              Elizabeth Banks wore an orange, mini dress by Atelier Versace to the LA premier.

    Isabelle Fuhrman wore a pretty Oscar de la Renta tea length gown to the LA premier of The Hunger Games.

    Elizabeth Banks and Jennifer Lawrence at the Berlin premier of The Hunger Games.  Elizabeth looks stunning in her tangerine, sleeveless gown and Jennifer looks great in her red, mini gown with matching open toe shoes.

    Jennifer Lawrence had a very different look at the Paris premier for The Hunger Games.  She wore a black, backless, gown with a zipper on the side and some gold sandals.

    Jennifer Lawrence wore a dark, green mini gown to the New York premier of The Hunger Games.

    Elizabeth Banks wore a yellow gown with a matching clutch purse to the European premier of The Hunger Games in London.

    Elizabeth Banks wore a cute, fuchsia Marc Jacobs dress with black, platform heals and a matching black clutch purse.

                                                                Pictures courtesy of Pinterest.

    So many pictures and so many premiers. There were many more wonderful pictures, but these are the highlights from the recent premiers. I hope you enjoyed this look at "The Hunger Games" red carpet fashions. Happy Fashion Friday!


Punctuation Mark said...

haven't read the book but i guess i have to... haha! Happy weekend!

Healthy Living Natural Beauty - Michelle said...

You have a good weekend as well! Thanks for stopping by!

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