Friday, May 11, 2012

Fashion Friday - Princess Diana

    I saw a special on cable the other day about Princess Diana.  It was on the BBC network and they were showing some of the gowns she had auctioned off shortly before she passed away.  I enjoyed seeing some of the wonderful gowns she wore and I remember seeing her on many magazine covers through the years.  I really miss seeing her and seeing the beautiful taste in clothes she had as well.  So for Fashion Friday I'm going to do a tribute to Princess Diana.   She was such a wonderful person and really was the Queen of Hearts not only for England but for the world.

               Here she was wearing a tweed dress in her early days before becoming a Princess.

    In one of her more famous pictures, she was dancing with John Travolta and wearing a beautiful black gown that was accented with a beautiful necklace she seemed to wear on a few occasions.

                     In 1995 she wore a pretty pink Versace suit with a matching pill box style hat.

                                        She looked great in a white dress or a black dress. 

             In 1997 she wore a beautiful turquoise blue dress to a performance of Swan Lake.

              In 1983 Prince Charles and Princess Diana wore these vintage outfits on a trip to Canada. I think it's a nice picture because they both looked happy.

             Here she was wearing a black and red gown with one red glove and one black glove. I also like the gold design in the center of the dress.

                  This is one of her more famous black dress pictures.  She wore this in 1994.  She had that gorgeous necklace too!

    Princess Diana had great taste in clothes and she will be remembered not only for her fashion sense but also for her charitable work.  She wanted to be remembered as the Queen of Hearts and I think she did achieve that in everything she did during her time as Princess and through the rest of her life.

    I hope you enjoyed my fashion tribute to Princess Diana for Fashion Friday.   I'm linking up with Blonde Episodes for Fashion Friday.  Be sure to check out Kori's post as well by clicking on the button below.  If you have a fashion post today, hope to see you on the blog hop! Happy Fashion Friday!

                                                                Pictures courtesy of Pinterest.

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