Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tip of the Week - Eyebrow Threading

    Keeping your eyebrows groomed is as important as getting your hair trimmed on a regular basis.  There are many ways to keep your eyebrows looking great but one way that is quickly gaining popularity is eyebrow threading.  It is much safer than waxing because you are not using any potentially harsh chemicals.  It's also more quick and convenient than plucking brows yourself.  Hopefully you are not shaving them off and painting them on because that doesn't usually look very natural or flattering.

     Eyebrow threading originated in India, the Middle East and Far East.  Cotton thread is used in this hair removal technique which is twisted and rolled across the skin, quickly removing the hair.  It is easier to shape your eyebrows and is relatively painless.  You might feel some slight pain, but it is quick and tolerable and once you see the final results you will be so happy you tried it out. If your eyebrows have a natural shape to them you may only need to get them groomed once every two months.  But if your eyebrows are not shapely and if the hair grows in quickly, you'll need to try have them groomed about once a month.  There are many shops opening up in malls across America.  The shops will sometimes have a chart of the different eyebrow shapes, and your technician can usually help you decide by the shape of your face which style would look best on you.  It is a quick process that usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes.  Once you have this done, you will love the way your eyebrows look.  It will also make your face seem more bright and put together.

    Just like having your hair trimmed, keeping your eyebrows neat will also give you a put together look.  I've tried this, and I love the results.  I didn't realize how my eyebrows looked before I tried this, but now I appreciate the results.  It's something I would recommend to anyone who wants to add a finishing touch to your face.  It can really make a difference in how your eyes stand out and it can actually make your face seem brighter.  Check out your local eyebrow salon and ask any questions you might have.  The technicians are usually eager to explain how the process works and they will give you an idea of how your eyebrows should be shaped to best flatter your features.  It's also reasonably priced.  Some that I've seen in malls charge around $10 per session and of course you will want to leave a tip as you would to your hair stylist.  I like that there are no harsh chemicals used.  It's easy, quick and the cost is reasonable.  If you haven't tried this yet, give it a try, I'll bet you'll be surprised at the difference you will see in your reflection! Give yourself this treat once a month, you're worth it!

                                                                   Pictures courtesy of Pinterest.


Amber @ Backwards Life said...

I've always wanted to try this. Sadly I've overplucked for too long and have almost no brows left. I've actually had mine tattooed back on (under the leftover hair) and color them in when they need a touch-up.

Healthy Living Natural Beauty - Michelle said...

Hi Amber,
That's too bad. The technician I went to did say if you do the threading every 3 weeks for a few months the hair will not grow in as thick and then you will not need to do the threading as much afterwards. I think the removal trains the hair not to grow back like plucking does.

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