Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Product Review - Dr. Scholl's For Her Insoles

    I received a free pair of Dr. Scholl's  For Her insoles for high heel shoes.  I wore them with a pair of my summer sandals that have a 2 inch heel.  These insoles made wearing these shoes so comfortable on my feet.  I could wear these shoes all day without my feet hurting or my toes rubbing in the shoes.  Also, the insole has an adhesive that keeps it in place, but doesn't ruin the soles of your shoes.  I had to reposition mine to make sure they were in the right place and the adhesive didn't leave any sticky or messy feeling on the sole.  I liked that the insole is a clear color and you can't see that you are wearing it even with open sandals.

These are shoes I'd wear to an office and I wouldn't want a bulky looking insole showing with my new pair of sandals.  The ultra soft FabuStep® gel arch was also very comfortable for my feet.  It shifts the pressure off the ball of your foot which I think helped keep my toes from rubbing in the sandals.  Sometimes when I wear a pair of high heel sandals, my toes (especially the small toes) rub along the side of the straps and I get red marks, or even blisters from wearing them too long. But with these insoles, it kept my foot in place when walking and my toes never rubbed against the shoe at all.  I loved how the insole stayed in place and kept my feet in place as well.  I also liked that my feet didn't feel over crowded in the shoes either.  I almost forgot I had them in my shoes!  I would recommend these to anyone who wears high heels, especially if you have to wear them for a long period of time.

These insoles really made a big difference on how my feet felt at the end of the day.  I'll keep wearing these and with the adhesive I can move them to my other high heel shoes that I need to wear at work.  This product really works and does exactly what it says it will do for you feet.  If you wear high heels, you should give these a try, you won't be disappointed.   They can be purchased at local drug stores like Walgreens or Target and online at Target for about $8-$10. Right now there is a $2 off coupon for a pair of Dr. Scholl's For Her insoles (and other Dr. Scholl's products as well) you can print out at:  Dr. Scholl's Savings and Offers.

                       LifeStride sandals picture courtesy of Famous Footwear.  All other pictures courtesy of Dr. Scholl's and BzzAgent. 

Disclosure:  I received this sample of Dr. Scholl's For Her Insoles to try as a BzzAgent along with some coupons as part of this campaign. However, my opinions expressed are my own, based on my personal experience with this product.

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