Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tip of the Week - Rent a Bicycle

    With the weather warming up you may see some rent a bike stands going up in your city.  They are best used for treks that are a bit too long to walk, and too short to get into your car and drive.  You check the bicycles out with a credit card or a prepaid seasonal pass card.  If you check your bike out at a particular location you can either return it there or return it to another bike rental location within the city. This will save you gas money by not having to move your car to run errands, and it can keep you cooler on hot days when walking long distances might be more exhausting.  Some programs charge by the hour so if you keep your bicycle checked out longer than an hour you may end up paying additional fees. This is a great green alternative form of transportation that is healthy, sustainable and fun!

If it is sponsored by your city, it is likely a non profit business.  And it can also be sponsored by local businesses to support the green effort by advertising on the bike check in/out stands to help keep the cost of renting down.  If your city doesn't have a program in place yet, attend your local city council meetings and suggest it to your mayor and elected council members.  With gas prices climbing this could be a great way to travel across town at a low cost and you can get in shape as well. With my 30 day challenges, I have found I can ride a bicycle approximately 3 miles in 20 minutes.  It's a great workout.  It can also save you wear and tear on you own bicycle and you won't have to worry about buying sophisticated locks to protect your bike from being stolen.

                                                                         Pictures courtesy of Pinterest.

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