Sunday, April 15, 2012

HLNB Spring Challenge 2 - Day 14

April 14th Day 14Yesterday was my day of rest.  I still had my normal daily activities, but it was cooler outside and we went to see the movie "The Hunger Games" so I  made it a day of rest.

                           Take a break, it's okay!  Everything will still be there when you get back.

   Along with my day of rest I allowed a day of goodies.  I had some chocolate cake, a chili relleno and some chips with the salsa.  We did have a homemade smoothie made with frozen tropical fruit and orange juice.  I also drank 100% fruit juices with two meals and water with lemon for lunch. So even though we had some goodies, we still tried to keep some good things in our meals.  We also refrained from eating any goodies at the movies. (That was hard, because it is fun to eat the popcorn while watching the movies)

    I liked this movie it was well made and the acting was great.  It is a more serious movie than I had anticipated before seeing.  I have never read the books, I look forward to seeing the sequels! I like the original plot and engaging storyline. 


                                                                 Pictures courtesy of Pinterest.

         See my contact information on the tabs above if you want to send me an email with any questions or suggestions.  With my "HLNB Challenge" I'm logging my daily activities of how I keep moving.  I'm not offering any medical advice or making any guarantees.  This is meant for fun and if you want to follow along I hope it will be fun and encouraging  for you too.

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