Friday, April 27, 2012

Fashion Friday - Coco Eco Magazine - Get Your Free Subscription Today!

    Those of you who have followed Healthy Living Natural Beauty for awhile may know that I've been reading and sharing with you a wonderful international, online periodical called Coco Eco Magazine.  They not only feature information about healthy cosmetics and green fashions but they have very inspiring stories and they also promote charitable organizations.  Those of you who love this magazine now have an opportunity to receive your own subscription to Coco Eco Magazine FREE! Coco Eco Magazine has kindly given Healthy Living Natural Beauty readers a free offer code! (The limited time offer online price is currently $9.95 regularly $11.95 value).  However, for HLNB readers it is currently FREE!

     It's published bi-monthly and once you sign up you will instantly have access to the current issue which features Eden Sher on the cover.  In this great issue "The Wild Earth Issue" some featured articles are about "Women We Admire" and "Men We Love".  It's fun, interesting, eco friendly and glamorous!   I know you will ENJOY this opportunity so sign up today for your free subscription.  Just click the cover below and scroll down to the "FREE Subscription" form to complete your registration.

                                    The offer code you will use is:   HLNaturalBeauty

    If you have friends who are interested in Green Beauty, Green Fashions, Charities, Celebrities and Glamor please feel free to share the offer code with them.  The code will remain active until 3/1/2013.

 Prophetik makes gowns from such items as wool hemp, naturally dyed hues and naturally shed ostrich feathers.  This is a new fashion trend that seems to be catching on in a big way.  Here are a few pictures from the Prophetick line.  You can also see more of their great eco fashions in this issue of Coco Eco Magazine, so get your free subscription today and check them out!

                                                                     courtesy of

                                                                   courtesy of Lionheart Magazine.

    Today I'm linking up with Kori from Blonde Episodes for Fashion Friday.  Click the button below to read her post today and to add your own fashion post.  Hope to see you there, Happy Fashion Friday!

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