Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yes To Carrots Broadcast Tonight

     Yes To Carrots had a broadcast tonight announcing some new products they will be launching.  A few mentioned tonight are already available to purchase on their website.  (Yes To Carrots Website Link)  They also announced the award PETA has given the company for the 2nd time in three years, "Best Cruelty Free Cosmetic Company" for PETA's 5th annual Libby Awards.

     Yes To Carrots wants to know what type of new products we (consumers) would like to see in the future from their company as well as what types of magazines, blogs etc we (consumers) like to read.    You can post your suggestions and comments on their Facebook page.  Their next broadcast will be on Thursday, April 21st.  The company would like our input as to the time of day the broadcast would be best to view.  You can also post your suggestion for time of day to watch the next live broadcast to their Facebook account.  I'm attaching the link for tonight's broadcast for you to watch.  Yes To Carrots Broadcast Thursday February 17, 2011. The surprise for tuning is was for a free tube of the Intense Hand Cream.  If you go to their site and enter the promotion code (in capital letters) INTENSE you can receive the free Intense Hand Cream, you will only need to pay for shipping costs. 

     Since this company is new, it is exciting to watch as it grows.  It's also nice to see a company that cares about consumer’s wants and needs but also has high ethical standards.  Congratulations on the PETA award Yes To Carrots!

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