Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Recap of One Segment on the Dr. Oz Show Today-5 Anti Aging Foods

     I'm going to recap one segment of the Dr. Oz show for those who may not have been able to see it today.  Dr. Oz and author Kate Geagan (Go Green Get Lean) talked about the 5 best age defying foods.  Kate Geagan stated it's always best to look for the most colorful foods.  Her first food is watercress which is good because it acts as a natural eye sun block.  It's a leafy green vegetable that has a peppery taste.  Next on her list, apricots because they are high in potassium which is good for our hearts and according to Kate in recent studies apricots will also give our skin a natural glow.  She then talked about cucumbers being good for our skin because they contain silica which helps to plump wrinkles.  And it was emphasized that the skin on the cucumber is the best part for us to eat.  If you are afraid of wax on the cucumbers, remember to select the ones that when you rub them, you can smell the cucumber.  If you can’t smell a fruit or vegetable when you rub it, it probably has a wax coating.  The forth item on her list was blood oranges.  They are even higher in vitamin C than regular oranges and they have a purple color flesh which is great for our skin and boosts our immunity.  Last, she listed eggplants because their skin is nutrient rich.  They can be used as meat substitutes and they are good for the fat tissue layer of our brains.  This is only the top 5 she recommends there are many more to choose from when eating.  If you go for the colorful fruits and vegetables,  you will be helping your body with anti aging effects.  There is a recipe included on Dr. Oz's website that incorporates these 5 foods.  The link for the salad recipe is as follows:  Anti Aging Salad

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