Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mix 1 All Natural Protein Drinks

A couple of years ago one of my Mom's friends was going to be having surgery and her doctor told her about Mix 1 drinks.  He told her to start drinking these protein drinks to prepare her body for surgery.  My Mom told me about the drinks and I saw them at the grocery store and decided to look at the ingredients.  They have all natural ingredients so I tried one and also bought one for my husband.  The drinks are a different consistency than a regular juice or sports drink.  They have different flavors such as mango, strawberry banana, lime, peach and berry.  We buy them regularly, drink them often and we each have our own favorite flavor, mine is strawberry banana and my husband's is mango.
The company is based in Boulder, Colorado and their mission is to change people's lives by promoting athletic performance and overall health through all-natural products that deliver truly functional nutrition.  The drinks are a good way to help get your full servings of vegetables and fruits one drink contains 3 servings.  They are also free of lactose, gluten, soy and caffeine.  If you happen to be busy in the morning, they are a great on the go alternative.  They are also great for pre workouts and post workout recovery.  If you have a meeting running late, you can have one of these drinks to help keep you focused. It's a good, healthy alternative to coffee or soda pop.  I have found them in our local grocery store and I buy them in the bulk size containers to save on cost.  And they have long shelf dates.  I've also seen them sold on  Check out their website to see more about the company (Mix 1) and this good, healthy alternative drink. You can click the company name (Mix 1) to get to their website.

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