Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Recap of One Segment of Dr.Oz Show Today-All Star Alternative Health Experts

      Today Dr. Oz had on three experts in alternative health.  His first all star expert is Dr. Arthur Agatston who focuses on heart disease and weight loss.  He was the first doctor to introduce a scale to show your diet can not only prevent heart disease, it can reverse it as well.   In the early 80’s he introduced eating lean protein, vegetables, whole grains and whole foods which he believed would help his patients prevent heart disease.   He wanted to help his patients proactively instead of waiting to treat patients after they had already had a heart attack.  Dr. Agatston next talked about cholesterol numbers. He believes you can’t rely only on the number but also the particles in your veins.  Even if you have a good number you could have bad particles that could be clogging your arteries.   And vice-versa, if you have a bad cholesterol number you could have good particles that would not be clogging your arteries.   He believes this is more important than the actual cholesterol number.  Dr. Agatson recommends eating more cold water fish like tuna and salmon, using more olive oil and canola oil because they act like lubricants for your arteries.  They keep your arteries clean. 
     Dr. Oz’s next alternative health all star is Dr. Nicolas Perricone who believes wrinkles are optional.  He believes your skin shows your overall health.  If you have healthy skin, you likely have better overall health.  The doctor believes you start with your diet.  Salmon is great for your skin and makes your skin glow.  Dr. Perricone believes putting an anti inflammatory directly on the skin will greatly reduce wrinkles in your skin.  He recommends DMAE topical skin cream.  He says once you apply a cream with this ingredient, you will notice an instant change in your skin.  You will see immediate radiance and change in your skin tone and the effects are cumulative.  Dr. Perricone next discusses skin cancer.  He says watercress is good for fighting skin cancer because it contains sulforaphane which is more powerful than any antioxidant.  It detoxifies your body while decreasing your risk of skin cancer as well as breast cancer according to Dr. Perricone.  He recommends all women start including watercress in their diets.  The doctor says you can take a supplement with sulforaphane but he recommends eating the watercress because it has so many other things working synergistically to help fight the cancers.  As a doctor, he’d rather see people eating watercress than taking the supplement.
     The last alternative health all star is Dr. Christiane Northrup who discusses estrogen.  She discusses with Dr. Oz the possible link between estrogen and cancer.  Dr. Northrup says too much estrogen acts like a growth hormone in the cell and causes abnormal cellular growth.   She believes it must be balanced with progesterone (the forgotten hormone).   The doctor believes diet will also help a great deal with balancing your hormones.  She says if women have had their ovaries removed before the age of 45, they will need hormone replacement therapy.  Dr. Northrup suggested to keep your ovaries if you can they are there for a reason.  She believes you should not use synthetic hormone replacement therapy only bio identical hormone replacement therapy because the synthetic hormones do not fit with your real hormones they way they should.  Dr. Oz asked her if she takes bio identical hormones.   Dr. Northrup says she tried them but she didn’t notice a difference and she likes the way she feels so she doesn’t take any hormone replacements. 
     All the doctors on the show today agreed that eating a balanced diet is important in maintaining overall health.  It was an interesting segment with some good information.  And having these doctors discuss their expertise is a plus for those of us who may not have access to these types of doctors. 

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