Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nutrition Trivia

Serving size and portion size is the same thing.  True or False?

The answer is False.  A serving size refers to the amount of food listed on the nutritional facts label.  A portion is how much you choose to eat.  The portion size may equal two or more servings.  Many times packaged foods such as soup cans contain more than one serving.  Always check your packages for the serving size so you know how many servings you might be consuming.  If you see the calories listed per serving and the package contains two servings, you will be consuming twice the calories if you eat the full package.


Lorna Vanderhaeghe said...

Thanks for that trivia. It's really interesting to know more trivia about nutrition. It actually helps improve my lifestyle.

Michelle said...

You're welcome Lorna! I'm glad you liked the post. It's easier to see what we are buying if we understand what we are looking at on the labels and it helps us to make better selections.

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