Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today's Featured Product Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation

      For the past 5 years I've been using Bare Minerals Foundation make up.  They use the highest quality ingredients to give consumers what they want without anything the skin doesn't need. The company thinks of make up as skin care, not a way to cover up your face.  Their makeup is so pure you can sleep in it.  The foundation looks like a powder, but when you apply it to your face, it feels creamy.  It doesn't dry out your skin.  I've been using the original SPF 15 foundation makeup.  Their technique is to swirl, tap and buff.  You put a small amount of the foundation in the lid and use your brush to swirl it around.  Then you gently tap the brush and begin buffing it on your face.  The makeup blends in with your skin and feels so soft.  You almost forget you are wearing anything on your face.  If you use one of their special kabuki brushes you can apply the makeup with a little more coverage but it will still feel smooth on your face.  And this make up lasts all day.  You don't feel the need to reapply during the day or in the evening.  I've also noticed that my skin has a natural glow that people comment to me about frequently.  This foundation is clinically proven to improve the appearance of your skin over time.  My skin is very sensitive and breaks out easily if I use certain products.  Since I have used this one, my skin has not had any irritations or break outs.  There are several different shades and textures to choose from in the foundations.  I find that in the summer I use the medium beige more and in winter I use the medium shade more.  Sometimes I even mix the two together for a slightly different shade.  These make ups are not only good for your skin, but they are also fun to use.  One great thing to point out about this makeup is that is last a long time.  I only have to buy about two containers per year.
     The company creator and CEO is Leslie Blodgett.   When she speaks about the products, you can tell she really believes in them and has a passion for her line.  She interacts with consumers and listens to their comments.  She receives thousands of letters and emails and personally responds to them all.  She demonstrates tips on videos personally to show how the latest products work and what you can expect from them.  This is a company that cares what consumers want and they are working to make better products for us to use.

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