Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Product Review "Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen"

                                                                    Picture courtesy of Influenster.com

    Recently, I received a sample of Hawaiin Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen to try out from the Influenster VoxBox program.  I have been using this for a few weeks now during summer, mostly while riding my bike during our HLNB 30 Day Summer Challenges, and I really love this product. The scent is so wonderful, it smells like a light tropical blend of flowers and fruits.  It really smells like a summer scent.  I also love that this sunscreen really is like a lotion and this sample had an SPF 30.


                                                            Picture courtesy of Pinterest. 

     It feels like a regular hand and body lotion you put on everyday.  Most sunscreens leave you feeling kind of sticky or gummy.  This one blends in so well once you apply it to your skin.  You don't even notice that you have sunscreen on with this lotion.  This is going to be my go to sunscreen each summer.  I absolutely love this sunscreen.  I already went out and bought a larger size in the SPF 50 (for more sun protection) and I'm thinking I'll use it all year on my hands.  The ultra-luxurious hydrating silk ribbons in this lotion smooth onto your skin and feel so soft.  The lotion lasts for 12 hour protection, so far I hadn't been out that long for one duration, but I would reapply it if I were.  It so easy to apply and rubs in quickly so you won't have to worry about an anxious child wanting to get back to play time.  They will be back out in no time!

    Normally, I would not do this because the sunscreens don't smell very good and they leave that tacky feeling on your skin. But this one smells great and feels great on my skin.  I will use it to keep my hands protected while driving.  The sample size I was given is perfect for my purse, because I can fill it up with the new Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen I just purchased.  I can carry it around with me while I'm out and about.   You can purchase Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen at most major retailers and the suggested retail price is $8.99 for a 6 oz bottle.  If you are looking for a great sunscreen to use for you and your family, give this one a try. It's such a good product for a reasonable price and it works.

Disclaimer:  This product was received complimentary through the VoxBox product testing program at Influenster.  All opinions expressed are my own. 

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