Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Campaign Review - Kroger Family Night

    I recently received some complimentary products from Kroger to try out.  The products I received were Kroger Tortilla Cupz, Kroger Frozen Fruit Bars, Kroger Truly Awesome Frozen Pizza and a bottle of the New Kroger Zero-Calorie Vitamin Enhanced Water. 

   My family tried the Kroger Tortilla Cupz with some of our homemade salsa and some of our homemade guacamole.  These chips worked well with both because you could get plenty of the salsa and/or guacamole on your chips without them breaking.  We also liked the taste of these chips and I'll be buying more of them in the future.  I like that they are a reasonable price and they are competitive with other tortilla chips on the market. If you are having a party or gathering with friends and family, these are good chips to buy for those occasions.  I think they'll work great for my husband's next poker game.

    My husband and I tried the Kroger Frozen Fruit Bars in the flavor Lime.  These were great especially with all the warm weather we've been having this summer.  The taste of the bars was good and they were a nice treat on a summer night.  Again, the price for these was reasonable and they tasted very good. I will also buy these again in the near future in other flavors.  I can't wait to try the Strawberry and Coconut bars next. 

     We also tried the Kroger Truly Awesome Frozen Pizza. We bought the cheese pizza.  We both really enjoyed the crust and the sauce on this pizza.  It isn't quite as good as a carryout pizza, but if you are buying  a frozen pizza, this one is better than other frozen pizzas we've tried.  I noticed they had some with pepperoni and if you were having a gathering of friends and family these pizzas would be good to buy. The cost is good and the size of the pizza is also great.  You could cut up a couple of pizzas into bite sizes and place them out on a tray.  I think your guests would enjoy them along with the Tortilla Cupz and salsa! 

    I drank the bottle of Kroger Zero-Calorie Vitamin Enhanced Water.  It's new for the Kroger brand and I really enjoyed the one I received.  My flavor was Pomegranate Cherry.  The taste wasn't overwhelming and yet you could taste the flavor.  I liked it as an alternative to regular water (but will still drink plain water each day).  I will buy a case of these next time so my husband can taste them as well.  They are much better than drinking sugary drinks that add only bad calories to your diet. They have a few other flavors that would be good to try out as well. 

    Overall, I really liked the products we received.  I generally shop at Kroger and have tried some of their other products as well.  I always like the price and the quality of their products.  You don't feel like you are giving up good taste or flavor by buying the store brand.  They give their consumers good quality, reasonably priced products to choose from when grocery shopping.  If you are having a family night, or gather of friends and family, these products above will help you entertain as well as please your guests.  It will also make your night easier to host.  What types of products do you use when entertaining?  Are there any that you think might be too costly? Check out the Kroger products the next time you are shopping and don't be afraid to give them at try.

 Disclosure:  I received these products complimentary through the BzzAgent program at BZZAgent.com.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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