Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tip of the Week - National Nutrition Month Videos

National Nutrition Month March 2011

Read nutritional labels for sodium content.
Last month I wrote about a product called True Lemon and True Lime that can be used as a substitute for salt and sugar (Tip of the week February 13, 2011).  Since March 2011 is National Nutrition Month, I thought I’d add a short video from Marisa Moore a Registered Dietitian with the American Dietetic Association.  She discusses cutting back on salt in our diets and also shows how to watch the amount of sodium by reading nutritional labels correctly.  She discusses serving size and how much is too much sodium for our daily percentage allowance.   The American Dietetic Association’s website will have other videos and articles this month that will focus on National Nutrition Month.

To have beautiful skin, hair and nails you want to begin by consuming healthy foods for your body.  By reading nutritional labels, you can become more empowered and better informed of what products you and your family are eating.  And by adding as many fruits and vegetables with different colors to your daily diet you can stay healthy, look healthy and best of all feel healthy!

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I'm also attaching a link for the Spanish version of this video presented by Malena Perdomo also a Registered Dietitian.

Click here to view video in Spanish:  Watch Video

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