Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Easy and Healthy Ice Cream You Can Make at Home

    Today I'm attaching a video for how to make homemade strawberry ice cream.  This recipe includes 4 ingredients and 10 minutes to prepare.  This recipe has only 70 calories and 1/2 a gram of saturated fat.  I've made different versions of this using other frozen fruit and fruit juices instead of yogurt and sugar. And they taste great.  I've also put the ingredients into frozen popsicle containers so we can eat them during the hot summer months.  They are very tasty and once again you control the ingredients and portions.  If you like popsicles and ice cream, this recipe is a great one to try and good for you and your family.  Enjoy!

Note:  (You can mute or stop my blog music on the lower right hand side before viewing this video.)

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