Monday, August 22, 2011

Tip of the Week - Make Sure You Keep Moving

    It's not easy to keep exercising but if you think about the small choices you make each day you can add more calorie burning and muscle toning to your day.  Instead of driving around the parking lot at work or the stores looking for the closest spot, park a little farther away and walk a few more steps.  This will allow you to burn a few more calories and get your body used to moving a little bit more.  Instead of sitting down on a couch to watch TV, make sure you keep moving, maybe dusting the room or sweeping the floor.   When the weather is nice, get up and go outside.  If you work in your yard or just walk around the neighborhood, you will be helping your body get in shape.  In small ways you can make choices to help stay in shape or help work your way into more vigorous exercising.   It doesn't feel like exercising when you are doing day to day activities.  If you like working in your garden, working on small house projects, or walking around to see the views, don't hesitate to do them because these activities count as exercise.  Resist the temptation to just sit or lay down during the day.  Choose activities that help you keep moving.  Not only will you get more exercise in, but you might find some of those "to do" items around the house you haven't had time to work on, being taken off the list.  If you try this for the next 30 days, you might see a change in your daily routines for the better.  By walking around your neighborhood, you might make friends with neighbors you would not otherwise get to know. Best of all, you might start to notice some positive physical changes in your body. 

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