Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tip of the Week-How to Remove Cooking Oil From Clothes

    I thought this week's tip would be a good follow up to the olive oil pasta dish since you could have an accidental splash of cooking oil hit your clothes.  Over the years I've ruined a few nice tops because I either didn't notice the oil spots before I washed and dried my clothes or I tried pretreated remover sticks that faded the spots or didn't work well at removing cooking oil.  I have finally found an inexpensive, homemade solution that really works.  The trick is using dish soap that breaks grease on your dishes.  It really works and it doesn't fade your clothes!  Pour a little of the soap in dish or bowl and use a toothbrush (specific to clothes, I bought one that I use only on my clothes, you do not want to use it to brush your teeth later) to rub directly onto your stain.  Once you have the stain covered, use the toothbrush to rub the soap into the stain in a circular motion.  Then you can wash the clothes in cold water along with the regular clothes soap.  After, I take the clothes out I usually dry them on the line to be sure I didn't miss any other spots of cooking oil on the clothes.  Once you put the clothes into a dryer it will set the stains and then stains become virtually impossible to remove.  I have tried this method of cooking oil remover and for me it really worked.  It didn't cost me anything additional (I use the toothbrush over and over for my clothes so I did have a small investment on the brush) and it didn't stain my clothes. 

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