Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today's Featured Product: Zoya Nail Polish in the Color Renee

    I just tried Zoya nail polish and I love this product.  They are a natural nail polish that does not contain toluene, camphor, formaldehyde or DBP (dibutyl phthalate) in the list of ingredients.  When I was applying the polish to my toes, there was not a strong odor that most other nail polishes have.  I've been wearing it for about 5 days now and I don't have any chipping or fading and the color is still vibrant.  I purchased my bottle of "Renee" polish at my local Ulta store and the price was actually a little cheaper than some of the other brands. The only drawback was that the color selection was limited.  When I checked out the Zoya.com website there are many colors to choose from so I asked the manager at the store why their selection was so small and she told me it was because there isn't a high enough demand for that brand yet.  So hopefully if others see that the natural polishes work just as well they can start to buy this brand so we can have the larger color selection at our local stores.

Zoya in the color Renee.

     The Zoya Company was founded by Zoya and Michael Reyzis who envisioned natural nails, natural skin care and European herbal treatments.  They immigrated to the US from Russia and developed not only the natural nail polish but other natural and healthy skin and body treatments for their clients.  Their other brands include Qtica, Smart Spa and Zoom.  You can read more about their history by clicking the following link:  About Zoya.com.

How the color Renee looks on my toes.

    If you want to order any Zoya nail polish online but aren't sure how the color will look, Zoya has color spoons you can order to see the true color. They will send them to you with free standard shipping.  And they will give you a credit for the amount of spoons you order to apply to a future order (the spoons are listed at 50 cents per spoon).  You can read about the color spoons (or watch the video) by clicking the following link:  Zoya Color Spoons.  For any fans of the show "Dancing With The Stars" US version I noticed they have nail colors for the professional dancers on the show, Edyta, Cheryl, Julieanne, Karina, Kym and one of the judges Carrie Ann.  It's also fun to look for the color with your own name.  It's a great way to have fun with natural nail polish!  As I try more colors, I'll post some more pictures to show how they look.

Looks great with my summer sandals!

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