Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pure Beauty July 2011 Digital Magazine a UK Publication

    Today I'm posting a digital magazine from the UK called Pure Beauty.  This is the July 2011 issue.  I like the articles in this edition and even saw some of my favorite products by Jason Pure and Natural on page 6.  If you like looking at beauty magazines especially for natural products I think you will like this one.  It's nice to see what other countries have in comparison to the US as well.  One item I noticed that I've been looking for in the US is natural permanent hair color.  In this magazine on page 38, I noticed they have a color called Naturint that is 100% permanent without ammonia and other harsh chemicals found in most permanent hair colors.  I hope consumers here in the US can begin seeing this trend soon!  Maybe we can find some more future trends that might be coming our way soon.

    This is another free digital publication and I'll try to post them when new issues become available.  I hope you enjoy browsing through the pages of this magazine. Note:  You can view the magazine in another window by clicking the link below the video which will also make it larger on your screen. 

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