Wednesday, August 24, 2011

For Our Friends in Canada - The Kit Canada's Beauty Authority Digital Magazine

Here is another interesting free online digital magazine. This one comes from Canada. It has some interesting articles and is fun to browse through for some good beauty tips. On page 34 of this issue, there is a recipe for a "Do It Yourself" moisturizer. Like the foods we eat, it is sometimes nice to be able to make your own beauty products because you can control the ingredients and you can decide the portion sizes as well. If you are up to the challenge of trying your own DIY beauty products, this recipe looked like it would be easy to follow. If you are a resident of Canada you can subscribe to this magazine. I will also try to post updated issues here to give others a chance to read the magazine. It is interesting to see what trends are around the globe! I hope you enjoy the summer 2011 issue of The Kit.

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Summer 2011

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